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This tool is a simple to use Council Tax band analyser for any property in England or Wales.

The tool will analyse using two methods to calculate the Council Tax band of a property and then compare to what currently has been set by the Valuation Office Agency(VOA). The dataset used for this analysis is the property price paid provided by the Land Registry.

The analysis will report back if the property has been analysed as having the correct band or identify if there is potential to reband the property.

If there is a potential for a reband then details will be given on how to proceed and also the option to obtain an evidence report which can then be sent to the VOA to help support the claim of rebanding the property. The evidence report provides details on the calculations used and the supporting data. Also evidence will be provided of similar properties type and size that are in a lower council tax band compared to the property that was analysed. The comparison is important for the VOA to come to a decision.

The evidence report will be provided at a small charge and if not successful at rebanding we can offer a full refund of the evidence report cost.